Tax Relief Services
If you would like to stop wage garnishment, remove liens & levies, stop IRS harassment & end future notices, call our knowledgeable Star ID tax attorneys for a free case review. Utilize the services of our tax professionals & see your tax problems resolved quicly & without any headaches. By filing all late returns & current tax year returns, you are taking the first step towards negotiating a successful tax resolution. Our Star ID tax attorneys & accountants will assist in filing or amending multiple years of returns & making sure you have all the necessary forms & documention for the IRS or State. Once you are up-to-date on your tax filings, your attorney will be in direct contact with the IRS or State taxing authorities to begin negotiating a tax settlement on your behalf. Regardless of the nature of your tax problems or the scope of your individual / corporate needs, we have the tax attorneys in Star ID who can help you develope a customized solution to resolve all your tax problems.
Hiring a Star ID tax attorney to help you in the tax resolution process is the most effective means of protecting your financial well-being. The IRS has improved its ability to collect from taxpayers who are struggling to file and pay past tax returns. You do not want to be caught off guard by aggressive IRS collection efforts. Our Star ID tax attorneys will work dilegently to stop wage garnishment, release / stop liens or levies, resolve your payroll tax problems, even stop IRS asset seizure. Even though the IRS is a powerful collection agency with many tools at their disposal, you are protected by the Taxpayer Bill of Rights & you have a variety of tax settlement options you can utilize. Never worry about liens, levies, wage garnishment, or IRS seizure - call our Star ID tax attorneys today & see how you can avoid any negative IRS collection action.
Tax Negotiation, tax settlement
You can count on our reliable, proven methods for resolving your tax problems & the customized care you deserve when you utilizing our tax relief services. We are your number one resource for dealing with the IRS & providing relief from aggressive IRS collection enforcement action. Always with your best interests in mind, our Star ID tax attorneys will negotiate with the IRS to stop wage garnishment, remove levies or liens, stop penalties & interest from accruing, & solve your delinquent tax liabilities. Through their dillegent efforts they will help you secure a tax resolution in the form of a monthly payment plan, installment agreement, Offer in Compromise, "currently not collectible", and / or penalty abatement. Don't let your tax debt compound into a more serious & costly legal matter, call our Star ID tax attorneys for a free case review.
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