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If the IRS is threatening you with liens, levies, wage garnishment, or even IRS asset seizure, reach out to our tax attorneys in Petersham MA to see how you can avoid IRS collections & get back on track with your Federal & State taxes. We are proud to offer a full range of tax resolution services for both businesses & individuals who are struggling with back tax debt & IRS collection enforcement. We specialize in wage levy release, tax lien release, installment agreements, IRS Offer in Compromise, penalty abatement, audit reconsiderations, payroll tax problems, deduction problems, & more. No matter the size of your tax debt or the scope of your individual or corporate tax needs, our Petersham MA tax attorneys are here to help.
When it comes to settling your back tax debt with the IRS, you want an experienced tax settlement firm looking out for your best interests. The IRS or your revenue officers only goal is to collect the maximum amount of the back tax owed to the government. Our Petersham MA tax lawyers protect you from aggressive IRS tactics & help you obtain the tax settlement that will fit your needs & budget. We specialize in installment agreements, payment plans, Offer in Compromise, penalty abatement, "currently not collectible", and more. We will help you use all the legal tools at your disposal to get you the best tax settlement posssilbe, so you never have to worry about IRS collections again.
Tax Negotiation, tax settlement
If you are a small business owner facing the IRS for the first time, do not try taking on the IRS alone. Failing to file or pay your employee payroll taxes can result in heafty fines & penalties & it can even be considered a Federal crime if you do not resolve the matter right away. Our Petersham MA tax attorneys can help you with any business tax problem you may be having, including payroll tax problems, audits, deduction problems, trust fund tax problems, and more. If your business tax problems are not resolved quickly, you could be looking at more costly & serious legal trouble. Don't wait for the IRS to contact you, call our expererienced tax attorneys in Petersham MA for immediate tax relief.
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