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If you find yourself struggling with back tax debt & years of unfiled returns, don't let yourself become overwhelmed. Our Lawrence NY tax attorneys & accountants are here to help you resolve all your personal or business tax problems, & we are available 7 days a week for your convenience. Whether you are facing wage garnishment, IRS asset seizure, payroll tax problems, liens, or levies - we can help you negotiate with the taxing authorities so you can get the time you need to resolve your tax problems. If you have years of unfiled returns, we can help you get those in to the IRS quickly so that you can show them you are ready to make other arrangements in regards to your delinquent tax liabilities. No matter what type of personal or business tax problem you are facing, our Lawrence NY tax attorneys have the knowledge & experience to help you get through them, give us a call today for a free tax analysis.
Setting up a payment plan, installment agreement, or other tax settlement is the quickest way to get back in compliance with the Federal & State taxing authorities. If you want to get the most out of your tax settlement, reach out to our Lawrence NY tax attorneys & protect your legal rights! The IRS or your appointed Revenue Officer is not looking out for your best interests in any delinquent tax situation, but our tax attorneys are. They know how to help you use all the legal tools you have at your disposal to fight back against IRS collections & possibly settle your tax debt for less. Our tax attorneys & CPA's will take a free look at your case & recommend a tax resolution that will be manageable for you & based on what you can afford. Don't take on the IRS by yourself unless you are sure of your rights. Call our Lawrence NY tax attorneys for a 100% free consultation & get the tax relief you are seeking.
Settle your Back Taxes
Our tax attorneys, CPA's, & former IRS enrolled agents are here to provide thorough & quick tax resolution. We know how to negotiate with the IRS, State, or your appointed Revenue Officer to get you the best tax settlement possible. Find out if you qualify for a payment plan, installment agreement, Offer in Compromise, or "currently not collectible" status - your Lawrence NY tax attorney will help you find the IRS program that works best for you. They will guide you through the legal process & work diligently to reach the best possible outcome for your tax settlement. Consult with our Lawrence NY tax attorneys to see how you can avoid wage garnishment, stop liens & levies, or resolve your payroll tax problems & get back in compliance with the IRS.
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