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Are you worried about checking your bank balance one day, only to find out the IRS has levied your bank account & relinquished you of all your funds? Are you delinquent on multiple years tax returns? If so, contact your Coolidge AZ tax attorney to see how you can avoid IRS collections & start resolving your tax problems today. Experienced Coolidge AZ tax attorneys can help you amend past returns or prepare multiple years of late returns & provide you with a wide range of options to resolve your back tax debt. They will give you professional information regarding all types of tax resolution strategies, including penalty abatement, Offer in Compromise, "currently not collectible" status, reduced monthly payments, installment agreements, & more. Our Coolidge AZ tax attorneys are here to help you determine which tax settlement plan is most beneficial to you & how to apply it. Your initial consultation is 100% free, so call now & start resolving your tax problems today!
When the IRS levies your bank account or seizes your assets, nothing can be more devastating. Avoid the negative consequences of wage garnishment, liens, levies, & IRS seizures. Your Coolidge AZ tax lawyer will help you stop IRS collection enforcement action before it starts, or even get it reversed, so that you can get the time you need to resolve your tax problems. Our tax attorneys, CPA's, & IRS enrolled agents are ready to prepare all your past due returns & file all the necessary forms to stop collections & begin negotiating your case.
Coolidge AZ Tax Lawyers
Many tax settlement plans can be difficult to understand & hard to qualify for. In some cases, taxpayers may be eligible for tax settlements that result in monthly payment significantly lower than the amount owed, and in other cases, none of the debt is forgiven. Your Coolidge AZ tax attorney is here to answer any questions you may have, & help you determine which tax settlement plan is best for your unique situation.
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